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MEGUMI VS Shark The Punk As Fuck Edition.

Ok, when I’m was like 13 I had this Exploited shirt. It was the skull gimmick but the print was red. I loved it. When I was messing around with the image for all my dorky advertisements I accidentally made the F.O.N. all red. It popped. I popped. So here it is.

Might be one of the most iconic womens death match Photos ever. Megumi Kudo getting butchered by Shark Tsuchiya. I mean, this image is burned into every FMW’s fans brains. Now it’s burnt into it with fuck off neon.

Going P. A. F. with this remake. Classic red on black Next Level 3600 shirt.

Approximate print size is a whopping 11”x15”
(The photos are of the actual print, no filters. Due to monitor brightness colors might be off)


  • Image of P.A.F. MEGUMI VS SHARK NL3600
  • Image of P.A.F. MEGUMI VS SHARK NL3600