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This was a pre order for the new Mister Mister 2020 shirt. Orders have ended. Do not fear, because there will be a very limited amount available on the site in a few weeks.

For those that have already ordered, first things first. THANK YOU!! for all the love and support you give us. Now printing should still begin on that Thursday (10/01} with orders hopefully shipping by no later then the following weekend. Sometimes shit happens and our self imposed deadlines aren’t met. We are human. Please don’t poke us with sticks and what-not.

🎼🎶 take, these broken wings 🎶🎶

A tribute to the FMW Sumer Spectacular in 1994. In front of a reported 15,382 fans at Osaka-jo Hall. We witnessed the battle of Misters. It was Mr. Pogo vs Mr. Danger in a Street Fight Death Match. A flaming barbed wire bat made an appearance, and the rest is history.
Decided to go all the way with the 90’s by using Union Maxopake red and white ink printed regular old trusty Next Level 3600 shirts,
Approximate print size
Front 15x11
(The photos are of the actual print, no filters. Red is the worst ink to photo for some reason. Due to monitor brightness colors might be off slightly)


  • Image of MISTER MISTER 2020
  • Image of MISTER MISTER 2020