So... who or what is a Super No Vacancy Merch?!?

Thanks for asking!  ...I think

Ok, here's our deal. We dig punk rock and puroresu and grew up in the 80's. We came from the era with no Real Hero, no NJPW World, no world wide web. Just snail mail and terrible 4th generation VHS tapes. Sometimes waiting months just to sniff one. Times were tough. 

Fast forward a bit to the 90's. ECW is running strong. Douglas spits on the NWA title. Cactus comes in. He had brought a shirt to sell that he had from Japan. It was a silhouette of him in front of a big red sun. The shirt ruled. I wore the fuck out of it (man i wish i still had it) It was as close as i could get to Puroresu merchandise then.

Fast forward to the end of the 90's. Me and a few of my friends start a clothing company. We were making punk rock shit, band shirts for touring bands. it was a good deal. Then came the divorce and getting out of the whole shibang.

Now I'm older, with a shit shoot job. Still playing in bands, but i really wanted a Bad Street USA hat. I used to have one many moons ago. I found this company called Gordbuster Hats and that’s where I first met the great Midnight Printer.

i thought, why not get back into the swing of things, so now I'm back doing this gig (still have the shoot job) When ever anyone goes to Japan on a wrestling tour, I get them to grab me some goods. Thats how my stock of stuff from Japan keeps growing, however, thanks to COVID19, it won’t be growing anytime soon.

So that's my deal. If you read the far, kudos to you because I've been zoning out since the third paragraph.

Sincerely yours,

Brian, the dude with the horrible mustache.